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My friend Beth Dunnington (who is also the editor of my book, “How to Move to Kona“)  holds monthly writers workshops for women in Waimea. I call them my “writers haven” because I get to spend all day focusing on just my hobby.  I started going to the workshops about 18 months ago and have met the most amazing and beautiful writers.

Beth is the facilitator and creates prompts for the workshops and we write about four stories during the timeframe of the workshops which usually is from 10 am- 5 pm. She also prepares a very tasty and macrobiotic lunch for the writers. I have been able to attend these workshops to write about my mother’s death, the challenges of parenthood, the joys of Hawaii, the long forgotten memories of childhood friends and experiences and more. I love being able to take a day for myself and just write. Bonus is that you meet women from all over the island who share their stories and a connection is made from being able to be so open with strangers, who turn into friends from the experience.

A Writers Haven

The day starts with a drive to Waimea, where you see a completely different landscape away from Kona. You enter into the workshop and are greeted by a group of women who are just as nervous and yet excited to write and share their stories as you are. By the end of the day, these women are no longer strangers. They are friends.

I have written a few essays from the workshop that I have posted on this site, https://www.365kona.com/moving-to-the-big-island/58-boxes-journey-leave-stuff-move-paradise/ and the impetus for writing my book actually came from attending these workshops.

If you are interested in learning more, check out her website, Waking Up in Hawaii. Beth sometimes leads workshops in Kona and if you are interested and we can get 10 participants and a host space, we can schedule a day with Beth. (Beth herself writes on the prompts and shares deep and insightful stories of life, love and death.)


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    Hi Julie.
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    Does Beth still give the workshop in Waimea?
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