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I have been writing consistently on this blog and my “365 Things to Do in Kona” Facebook page for almost 8 years now. Why did I start writing here?  Because I was encountering so many extraordinary experiences at the places we were discovering, people we were meeting and fun things to do, I wanted to share my passion and excitement and how my readers could do it, too. I love to share where you can get an amazing mai tai, find a beautiful sunset, enjoy locally sourced food and get a flavor of the Hawaiian culture.


But that is not all. I write from a place of gratitude for this island. When we were in Silicon Valley, my husband and I knew raising our children there would not infuse them with our values of Aloha and adventure.  We left the first time, in 2005, to live on the island and knew almost immediately that somehow we had been called here.  (We thought we were the only ones when I say that, and now I have met scores of people who have felt the same way!)


What have we found here on Hawaii Island? A sense of belonging and aloha, We also find adventures just about every week! We have explored (and continue to explore) every nook and cranny on this big beautiful island and we love to share what we find and things to avoid and look out for, too. When you follow this blog, you get the real low-down.

About me

My background is in public relations, marketing  and event planning.  I always had a dream to live on an island and be in the ocean as much as humanly possible.  My family and I moved here the first time in the summer of 2005 and my kids were 10 months old and 4 years old.

We moved into a one bedroom condo in Keauhou with the idea of just living here for a year, renovating the condo, selling it and going back home to the Silicon Valley with money in our pocket and a grand adventure behind us. Well, we DID renovate the condo, but we fell in love with the island and the aloha spirit.

We realized we were a part of Hawaii and could not let it go,  So, we DID move back and rented out the condo until we orchestrated our move in 2010 to “ride out the  recession.”  Well, the recession kept going and we were now firmly embedded in the community!


I co-created the Big Island Chocolate Festival, developed TechConKona and taught social media marketing the first few years I lived here. Since then I have also branched into real estate marketing and doing real estate referrals with my husband who has  his RE license now, since my blog has people asking me what it takes to move here. I also wrote the book, “How to Move to Kona” and am working on a real estate guide for people considering a move here.


We have lived in Keauhou and Waikoloa Village and have discovered just about every restaurant, beach, bar, trail, snorkel spot and 4WD adventures spaces. Many only accessible because my hubby has a tricked out classic Toyota truck that gets us anywhere on this island!

Thank you for reading and being part of the adventure! Leave comments and questions, I do my best to answer each one!

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