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One Year, Two Kids, 800 Square Feet  is an adventure anthology of the struggles and triumphs of what happened when Julie and Eric Ziemelis moved their family from Silicon Valley into a one bedroom, one bathroom 800 square foot condo for a one year renovation and family adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii. The family’s year of adventure and adversity was chronicled through Julie’s “Talk Story” emails she sent out to friends and family while living in Kailua Kona, Hawaii from August 2005 through July of 2006.
 Julie takes you on a life changing journey from California to Kailua-Kona, including current retrospective insights and wisdom after each chapter. From the exploits of working on a dolphin/whale boat, to taking a vacation condo down to the studs while caring for a one and three-year-old, to exploring the island and trying to fit into island life, this  “travelogue/mommy blog of adventures in a new culture on a tropical land” is a snapshot of island life in 2005.


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