The Insider’s Guide to Buying a Home on the Big Island of Hawai’i [PDF Download]


Does the thought of buying property in Hawaii seem daunting and confusing? Are you excited about the idea of owning your own home on the Big Island, but not sure what you really need to do to make that dream happen? We have the guide for you! By the time you finish 33 chapters, you will be in the know on everything from lava zones to knowing the difference between fee simple and leasehold. We also offer a Preferred Provider List to connect you with island professionals!



Are you considering buying a home on Hawaii Island (also known as the Big Island) and you want to get answers to the questions you had not even thought to ask?

Are you looking for the answers that are going to save you time, money and frustration while you are making plans to buy a home on the island?

What this guide WILL do is give you knowledge gleaned from real estate professionals on the island and years of experience from researching and writing about real estate and land issues for a local real estate company.

It also contains some of the anecdotes that we personally dealt with in our home purchase. You will also find interesting personal stories that give you the kind of insight to help make moving 2500 miles into the middle of the Pacific Ocean less daunting!

What this book WON’T do, is encourage you to buy a house. We are not selling the idea of buying a home here with the promise of a happily ever after in paradise. Purchasing a home in Hawaii takes much thought, planning and a bit of risk (as evidenced by the Great Recession).

We point out many aspects, such as high energy costs that will play into your ability to afford and maintain a home here. If your plans include moving to the island as a renter to see if living on the island is everything you thought it would be, be advised that rental housing is in short supply and many landlords will not accept pets.

These two aspects of trying to make a life on the island a reality are two of the biggest driving factors of purchasing instead of renting. However, if you want to move here, and not necessarily buy right now, please consider purchasing my OTHER book, “How to Move to Kona”. That book is valuable in giving you the low-down on getting an attitude adjustment, helpful clues on the Hawaiian culture, moving services and more. (It is actually a fantastic companion book to this one!)

Our goal in THIS guide is to provide a valuable resource so you come into the home/land buying experience with your eyes open and enough information for you to ask intelligent follow up questions of your mortgage and real estate professionals.

We offer this book to you with the hope that you will contact us directly for a referral to many of the Realtors who lent their advice in the creation of this guide!

Read the guide and get ready for the ride!

Mahalo! Eric and Julie Ziemelis


IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM DOWNLOADING THE BOOK, please email and we can send you a pdf.