Staying Safe in Kona as a Single Woman

Beach at Marriott Waikaloa
    • Today I received a question from one of my readers on my Facebook fan page about coming to Kona and staying safe. I wrote a lengthy response and wanted to share it with others who may have the  same question. I encourage your feedback and comments!

      Hi, I am a female and I will vacationing in Kona in August and I will be staying in Kona by myself at one of the hotels. Could you please give me some pointers on safety in Kona and the Big Island? I heard that it is not safe to walk the beaches after dark in Kona. Is this true? anything else I should be aware of?
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    • Hi Meg! Don’t walk the beaches at night in Kona..I have never heard of someone getting attacked or raped in Kona, but there have been attacks on tourists in Hilo and there are some strange men down there at night. (homeless, people doing drugs, young idiots, what have you) If you REALLY want to hang on a beach at night, I would suggest doing it in front of one of the large resorts up the Kohala Coast. Specifically the beach out in front of the Marriott..SAFE SAFE SAFE.


      Also, there is a beach out in front of the new Lava Lava Beach Club and since people are there until 11, its pretty safe. Don’t hang in places like Lulu’s alone too late, either. Safe for women is Humpy’s and Huggos on the Rocks for live music, dancing, meeting peeps, etc. (my newly single friend tells me they are both awesome for just hanging and drinking and I enjoy them both before 11 pm!)
      Other than that, Kona is pretty safe and the people are very laid back and cool. Try not to snorkel by yourself if you are not with groups of people either…we just lost someone yesterday out in front of the Royal Kona. If you are up for an adventure, my friend Nancy Sweatt owns Dolphin Journeys, a dolphin swimming adventure company and caters to singles. Have fun and good for you on getting out!

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  • Mechelle Adamson says:

    Hi there ! I am going to Hawaii as a first-time, female solo traveler. Booking a flight now from SLC to leave in the next couple of days. I would love to be able to talk to someone about some ideas. Any chance we could email? Thanks…some info would be so appreciated!! I’ve been out of the country twice in the last 18 months. Dubai and Italy, but both with my fiance of 5 years. We recently parted and I need to escape a teenage son and this horrid city (which I have loved and hated for 39 years). I am turning 40, never married….the cats are at my window, “hey, we hear you’ve not been married! Can we come in!” Anyway, you can see why I need to get away and have a bit of fun so I don’t have a total mid-life crisis. All of this is hopefully coming across a little funny?