Running Into Me Is a Good Thing!

Who wants to go to Bubba Gumps?

My offline and online world is starting to merge and it sure makes for some new adventures with the visitors to Kona! The first tourist I ran into, Dawn, has checked in with me a few times via my Facebook Business page and she asked for advice on the ZipLine tours. I helped her decide on the tour company up on the Hamakua Coast. (will tell you more when she checks in with me!)

Then today, my kids and I decided to do something different and we rode the Keauhou/Kona trolley shuttle to downtown. While we were waiting, we started talking to some women visiting from Edmonton, Canada. They said they were going to have lunch at Bubba Gumps. Ok, not to slight the restaurant made famous by Tom Hanks, but I just could not endorse a chain restaurant in Kona. (and thankfully, there are not many!) SO, I launched into my enthusiastic support for restaurants in downtown Kona with direct ocean views, tasty drinks, and reasonably priced menus. They abandoned their plans to go to Bubba’s and got off the shuttle with us and followed us into the Kona Inn!

They had the mai tai’s I suggested and the calamari appetizer, too! Then we all raised our drinks in a toast to Kona and took pictures of one another! I told them about this blog and gave them the url, so it will be fun if they become fans of the Facebook page!

I am writing this also to show that word of mouth is so important. You don’t want to just read what a guide book has to tell you. You want to feel the excitement from someone explaining an amazing experience they had, ask the questions, and like all good travelers know..get the inside scoop. SO, this is not going to just be “101 Things To Do in Kona”..there is already a magazine for that. And this is not going to be “The Big Island Revealed, blog edition”.  I want this to be an interactive experience, as well! If you are coming to Kona or are here and want some feedback on experiences in Kona, please contact me through the Facebook fan page! I check it daily and if you want, you can even send me a direct message through the site, like Dawn has done! I want to be a resource and I appreciate the opportunity to meet new people and create fun blog posts on what YOU are experiencing, too!

A friend of mine from Las Vegas is coming to visit on Wednesday. I hope to share with you what we do together. She is only here for four days, so whatever we do is going to go under the chapter of “Stuffing it all in within four days on the Big Island!”

Spread the word if you love what you heard! #365kona so we can say Thanks!

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