Projects Moving Forward In Kona/Keauhou-New Businesses, too!


I wanted to share a little good news about some of the things that are improving around my favorite spots in Kona and Keauhou and the projects that are moving forward. (For those that know the Big know that projects move on “island time”)

KeahouBayRocksm1. I was walking by the tsunami damaged Keauhou Yacht Club today and FINALLY saw construction workers out there. (it’s been two and a half years, folks) I asked one of the workers what was going on. He said they were tearing down the building. “Well, that’s a start..are they rebuilding the yacht club?” I said. “Nope, they are going to build a sandwich shop with beer and ice and such for the charter boats and visitors”, he said. WOW! I  then asked him who would be managing it. He shocked me by saying, “The Sheraton”. REALLY!? It will be great to have a professional corporation in there running a business, but of course, it’s always nice to think a small business owner was given the chance to do it, but to clean up that eyesore and drink some beer by the bay? I’ll take it. Fire pits would be nice if anyone from the Sheraton reads this..;-)

2. Another tsunami damaged building that was sitting in limbo for years near Keauhou Bay, the old Fairwinds building, also was torn down. I heard that the developers, after pouring a new foundation, realized the foundation was poured wrong and gave up on the project, so THAT was recently ripped out, as well. Now the area is clean of debris and awaiting Bishop Estate to turn the open space into a garden area. (A great place to put picnic tables to enjoy that sandwich from the shop a few hundred yards away!)

3. The showers at Kua Bay near the bathroom have been on and off for years. They finally moved the showers to the area as you walk up from the beach. Everyone really likes standing over there and getting into the fresh water than having to walk across a busy street and worry about people hitting them with their cars as they search for parking. A win for that area in terms of dependable amenities for the beach goers.


4. A new business project “Big Island Off Road Adventures” is starting up. (Shameless plug for my hubby’s new business!)  Take an off road “island style” 4WD adventure to Makalewena, Green Sand Beach or Waipio Valley in a highly modified open aired 4Runner! Eric provides local knowledge and additional ideas and resources to make your trip amazing. He offers a customized lunch, plenty of beverages, photo taking services and the ultimate adventure on the Big Island. Booking now for the Fall, call him at 808-854-6759. We are launching within a few weeks.


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