Interesting Hawaiian History To Be Found at Keauhou Resorts

There are interesting secrets to be found on the grounds of many of the hotels in Kona (and in Kohala, too). At the Sheraton Keauhou Resort, they recently have built a “history board” on the back of the property explaining where the ancient sites are on the grounds and their historical significance. My friend, Dawn, while staying there, was able to get a tour of the property and learned of the history of this special area. We just discovered this story board about the property and were amazed that we had walked over a canoe house, a livestock pen, and a heiau for YEARS and not known what the cultural and historical significance were of the area near the ocean.

I also just found out that the Outrigger Keauhou Resort is offering paid tours with lunch or dinner. For $60, a tour guide takes you through the property including the Queen’s baths, the newly constructed heiau’s and wraps it up with dinner over the Hawaiian fishing ponds.

This is such a interesting time in Keauhou history. There is energy and effort towards showing the tourists the history of this area and encouraging them to love the ‘aina (the land) and the culture so that the history of the Hawaiians can continue, in spite of the commercial development of these sacred lands.

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