Twenty Things To Do While Waiting for Hurricane Lane


As I sit here on the eve of Hurricane Lane coming ashore on Hawaii Island, I find myself mentally pacing about. I also find myself looking in the refrigerator scanning what I should eat now in case we lose power and I don’t want to eat something warm, like cheese.

We don’t quite know what the final outcome of this storm will be, and I certainly hope it’s just some rain to help ease our drought that is forming in West Hawaii, but most of us have already gotten our bottled water, our toilet paper, gas, money, and Top Ramen. We may also be doing what we can to “batten down the hatches” just in case we actually get 50 mph winds along the whole coast. But after that, what is there to do besides WAIT?

Here ya go:

  1. Check the hashtag #HurricaneLane on Facebook and Twitter and check in with what your friends are writing on their walls. (Or see 
  2. Go outside and see if it has started to rain..or the wind to blow so you can report out on Facebook.
  3. Get all your laundry done and dishes washed in case the power goes out and you can’t use your washing machine, dryer or dishwasher.
  4. Check your freezer to see if maybe now is a good time for that frozen pizza.
  5. Check the fridge to make sure you have enough wine chilling.
  6. See if anyone is writing anything of significance on Facebook about the storm.
  7. Consider watching the entire series of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or finally seeing what the hype was about “Stranger Things”.
  8. Go outside and see if the wind is blowing yet. Has it started to rain?
  9. Start stalking the Facebook feeds of people you have not had  the time to check in on for months. Be surprised when you find out your ex is married. With a baby.
  10. Decide now is the time to finally bake that cornbread that you have been staring at on your shelf for months. Make sure you have honey.
  11. Download the meditation app your friends suggested so you can relax.
  12. Watch a cake decorating show on Netflix while deciding if binging a show is a good idea if you are expecting a power outage.
  13. Go outside and check the weather. Check Hawaii News Now. Check the space satellite.
  14. Start thinking that opening that bottle of chardonnay would be a good idea. Then start thinking about inviting friends to the beach as an excuse to start drinking before 4 pm, but thinking they won’t come because they are home bingeing “Stranger Things”.
  15. Call the movie theaters and see if now is the time to watch “Crazy Rich Asians” and find out they are closing the theater, too.
  16. Realize that the entire town has effectively shut down for the storm and realize you may not have actually gone out to Gertrude’s Jazz Bar, but now you are bummed they are closed. At 3 pm.
  17. See if Ikaika Marzo is back live streaming the waves hitting Kalapana on Facebook.
  18. Check on the cornbread and then ponder how the Governor is saying “we do not want to be another “Puerto Rico”. Say “what!?”
  19. Look outside one more time, check Hawaii News Now and realize that most of what is going to happen won’t happen until later tonight.
  20. Eat the cornbread, bake the pizza, open the wine and settle into Netflix. And pray.

Stay safe my island friends!

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Julie Ziemelis

Julie Ziemelis is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, blogger and vlogger in Kailua Kona. She created and moderates the “365 Things to Do in Kona” page and the Kona Newbies group on Facebook. She blogs at and and vlogs with her husband, Eric, at “365Hawaii” on YouTube. Julie also authored the books, “How to Move to Kona” and the “Insiders Guide to Buying Real Estate on the Big Island of Hawaii”. You will most likely find Julie in Kona hiking, running, biking, taking photos and sharing Aloha.

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  • Carole says:

    Stay Safe🌸😘

  • Beth Robinson says:

    Love it! Pretty much sums up my life…except I binged on the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics course Iʻd been
    procrastinating on.

    • Julie Ziemelis says:

      Thanks Beth for reading! When I got to the NAR Code of Ethics and had to consider memorizing all of that for the test..well, I found another option!

  • Trish says:

    I am so glad to be able to read your posts. We have family there in Captain Cook and I am praying for the best.