Kona Snorkel Trips Offers Amazing Snorkeling And Night Time Manta Dives



Exploring Kona’s coast is an essential “must do” for your vacation. During the day you can snorkel and see our amazing tropical fish and coral reefs AND at night experience a once in a lifetime opportunity by swimming with our resident manta rays in Keauhou Bay.

I was fortunate take a half day snorkel tour with Kona Snorkel Trips for a charter with my family and some 365Kona friends to Kealekekua Bay, a marine sanctuary about 40 minutes south of Kona. We went out on the 16 person hard bottomed inflatable raft, the Orca.  While watching dolphins leap about in Kealakekua Bay, our group learned about Hawaiian history from our knowledgable tour guide. (She also offered reef safe sunscreen, too!)

Extra Fun On The Trip!

I have snorkeled in the bay quite a few times over the past few years and I  have been wanting to see a shark in the bay, as white tipped reef sharks have been seen down in the sea caves. I was THRILLED that I saw a four foot beauty and swam behind it and it cruised along with no regard to me. They are totally harmless and it was a RUSH to just see him for a few minutes before going off into the deep blue bay.  Another rush was bouncing off the hull of the inflatable boat and doing back dives into the bay.  How many of you folks in your fifties are doing that?! Why just snorkel?

Good points about Kona Snorkel Trips:
–Safe as they get. The guides take safety as their number one priority.
–The boat is comfortable, clean and classy. (AND fast!)
–Great for groups larger than 6, but still can do it for two and there is shade!
–Lots of snacks/pineapple/water for guests
–Fun stops along the way up and down the coast for points of interest, history and stories.
–Great way to get into the water without having to deal with rocks/surge/other people/wana.

I did a little video to thank the operators for a very fun day!

Kona Snorkel Trips offer manta tours at night at Keauhou Bay. You just board the boat and within ten minutes you are in place to enjoy these beautiful creatures as they approach the light beams that the Sheraton Kona shines into  the water to feed on the plankton that is drawn to the illumination. You will seriously be amazed as the mantas flip and glide by you and you are TOTALLY safe!

If you are here with a group, you can also book a private charter for day or evening or BOTH! Take home THAT story to your friends!

Kona Snorkel Trips, formerly Splashers Ocean Adventures, is located in Kona and has been a family-owned-and-operated boat tour adventure company since 2011, where the trip ratings remain 5 stars on TripAdvisor!

Book a tour with them!  

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