Hawaii Island Adventures- A Full Video Library For Your Enjoyment!


Looking to see “the pretty” of Hawaii Island live and up close? My husband and I are YouTubers/Vloggers and have a pretty successful adventure channel on 365Hawaii on YouTube.

Not only had we been visiting and filming around the island pre-COVID, we drilled down during the pandemic and found places to be alone to explore and hike, places that you may wish to see without people that may never look that way again, or places that you may wish to go and a video tour will help you navigate the trip or give you additional ideas.

If you watch all these videos, you will see MOST of what Hawaii Island has to offer for both visitors and residents!

Looking at this “library” , I see a labor of love as we have been creating videos for three years! Since we started filming and releasing the videos,  a few things have become evident in the comments section:

  1. Show respect to the land (‘aina) and culture. Don’t trespass, pick up your garbage and don’t park illegally.
  2. Show respect to the ocean and please wear mineral sunscreens only. (It makes a difference to our coral reefs and the fish!) Don’t touch marine life and be careful in the waves.
  3. Come with Aloha. No one likes to work with visitors who are impatient, entitled or mean.
  4. Learn even more about the area before you arrive! We found out over the course of doing all these videos that there is SOO much more to know! Do even a bit more research and you will be rewarded. The culture and history is fascinating.
  5. Tread lightly. The island had a nice chance to breathe during the pandemic. It provided residents a chance to see a rebirth of many of the areas that had been, “Loved to Death”. Please stay on trails, seriously, don’t wear chemical sunscreens or spray them on the beaches, don’t poop in the woods (looking at YOU Pololu Valley hikers) and don’t climb on heiau and Hawaiian cultural sites. (and that means everyone who wants to go to the waterfalls in Waipi’o Valley, too)
  6. Practice intelligence. Hawaii Island is not Disneyland. It can and will kill you. Drownings are common, don’t snorkel alone and don’t turn your back to the waves.

Get your popcorn and MaiTai with the plastic monkey-Enjoy!


Things to Do in Kona:






Explore The Coast






Go for a Hike!











Discover the Fun in East Hawaii!









Discover North Kohala and the North Part of Hawaii Island!





Mix It Up Adventure Time



Discover A Great Camping Spot AND Learn More About Energetic Spaces on the Island


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Julie Ziemelis is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, blogger and vlogger in Kailua Kona. She created and moderates the “365 Things to Do in Kona” page and the Kona Newbies group on Facebook. She blogs at 365Kona.com and MoveToHawaii365.com and vlogs with her husband, Eric, at “365Hawaii” on YouTube. Julie also authored the books, “How to Move to Kona” and the “Insiders Guide to Buying Real Estate on the Big Island of Hawaii”. You will most likely find Julie in Kona hiking, running, biking, taking photos and sharing Aloha.

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