Black, Green and White Sand Beaches of the Big Island


When you come to Hawaii Island for an adventure, let me suggest something that looks awesome on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook–YOU on three different colored sand beaches!

We recently took a one day challenge to go to a white, black and green sand beach and filmed it for our YouTube channel, 365Hawaii. Watch the adventure on our video! (last count 4700 views!)

White Sand-Kua Bay/Manini’owali Beach- Learn more about this super white sand beach! 

For a bit of an adventure if you go here, swim out to the big rock and jump off if the surf is not too high while you are there. They recently put a lifeguard station on the beach and if the guards are warning you not to go out into the surf on this beach-LISTEN TO THEM, as this beach has had its share of broken necks and spines. Seriously.

Black Sand Beach/Punalu’u Beach-Learn more about this black sand beach surrounded by ancient Hawaii culture.

Kiʻi pohaku (petroglyphs) can be found near the County Park Pavilions within a protected area surrounded by a rock wall just past the parking area. It is easy to miss these “unmarked” ancient carvings. You can view green sea turtles here..please respect the space between you and these creatures.

Green Sand-Papakolea Beach –Learn more about this olivine beach! 

You can walk the two miles back and forth to this beach or you can park your car at the end of the road before it becomes an off road adventure and there are guys there with some beater trucks that can drive you for $20 to the cliff saving you time and energy to spend on the beach instead. It IS a bit challenging getting down the cliff if you have knee, hip or fear issues.

As you can see, you can do this all in one day if you are on a mission!

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