365Kona Newbies Help Raise $3000 During First “Race for the Reef” 10k in Kailua Kona

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When the Reef Teach Program Director contacted me in January and let me know that the reef safe sunscreen dispenser I had raised funds for through our 365Kona Newbies group was in need of a refill, I had to think of a fundraiser that could become an annual event to keep the sunscreen flowing to help the coral reef at Kahaluu Bay.

So, I created a “non-sanctioned” race and created a GoFundMe to raise money to benefit The Kohala Center, and their Reef Teach Program’s “Free Reef Safe Sunscreen” dispensers at the bay. The race was held from Keauhou Bay to Kailua Bay on March 20,2022 and from pier to pier it was almost exactly a 10k! I let people know about the race through my 365Kona Newbies group on Facebook and if they wanted to join in, they could. I ended up feeling like Forrest Gump running across America!

My husband, Eric and I started training in November for the race and I incrementally went from running 2 miles to 5 1/2 miles by way of the Walua Road Trail and the Makeo Walking Trail near the Old Airport. We ran the Kona Brewer’s Fest 10k the week prior to “my race” to make sure we were ready!

This video shows you the race and the amazing people who not only helped run the race, but help me set it up and raised, along with many donations on the GoFundMe, almost $3000!

Thanks to all the donors and 365Kona Newbies who joined me out on the course on March 20, 2022..the day before my birthday. What a gift!

The reef safe sunscreen is provided to all visitors and helps keep chemical sunscreen from entering the bay and stopping the spawning of the coral reef. The Reef Teach program volunteers help educate visitors to the impact toxic sunscreen has on the reefs along our shoreline.

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Julie Ziemelis is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, blogger and vlogger in Kailua Kona. She created and moderates the “365 Things to Do in Kona” page and the Kona Newbies group on Facebook. She blogs at 365Kona.com and MoveToHawaii365.com and vlogs with her husband, Eric, at “365Hawaii” on YouTube. Julie also authored the books, “How to Move to Kona” and the “Insiders Guide to Buying Real Estate on the Big Island of Hawaii”. You will most likely find Julie in Kona hiking, running, biking, taking photos and sharing Aloha.

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