Are You Freezing On the Mainland and Looking To Move To Hawaii?

I can tell people are starting to wish they were sitting in 82-degree weather in January, like I am today, and not freezing on the mainland by the number of visits to my website and specifically to the posts I have written about moving to the Big Island!

Last year, I was sitting in Lake Tahoe under MANY feet of snow and freezing my butt off wishing, hoping, and praying to get back to Kona, so I KNOW that feeling! The real estate market on the Big Island has tapered off a bit since it’s frenzy of a year ago, and there are still some deals to be found. (a 2 bed/2 bath condo in my complex is in foreclosure now, for instance) And getting a mortgage before continued interest rate hikes, is a grand idea, as well.

Some of you may even be thinking about living here for four months out of the year to escape the cold and then go back home and rent out your house/condo here. You can even find long-term renters willing to live in your home for 8-9 months of the year here in West Hawaii and then they can line up other places to live when you get back..people are willing to do that just to be able to find housing here, as we are in short supply of long-term rentals.

Here are five reasons why you should stop living in freezing weather and move to the Big Island:

  1. It is’s 82 today. There has been snow on Mauna Kea lately, so it has seemed a bit chilly, with lows sometimes dipping into the mid-60’s…imagine that.
  2. You won’t get frostbite. Anywhere or anytime..nope, it is just not going to happen.
  3. You won’t slip on the sidewalk, slide out on the road, hit black ice, have your engine block freeze up, etc.
  4. We may have tsunami warning signals each month, but we don’t have wind chill alerts. Ever.
  5. Stop with the gloves, face masks, and three pairs of pants with boots-put on some shorts and sit in the sun and breathe.

If you would like to consider buying a piece of paradise, my husband and I created a real estate referral team and we can match you with a great Realtor anywhere on the island! Contact me at and I will set you up on a real estate listing alert so you can see what is coming on the market and also receive a guide I am working on that reveals all the nuances you need to know about buying real estate on the Big Island!

Take the BRRRR out of your life and replace it with ALOHA!

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