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“What is it like to live in Hawaii right now?”  Well, recently with the new volcano, aka Fissure 8, creating an 8 mile river of lava in Puna and the subsequent “good days, bad days” with the VOG, it has been a bit more “dynamic” than usual, but the cool thing is this..people have moved to this island, fully aware of its status as an active volcanic island with air quality issues since 1983 when Kilauea first erupted. I have friends who remind those around them that in 2008, we had a similar issue going on with the lava flowing over Kalapana.

With talk of the East rift zone containing more lava than previously known, this eruption could go on for awhile and we just submit to the concept of change and nature are a constant on this island.

In the meantime, we continue to live life. What else are you going to do? Interesting and amazing things still happen so we have created lots of videos, like this big wave day at Kailua Bay with waves crashing onto the sea wall.

My husband and family continue on with our adventures and even some interviews with local business people and establishments to remind folks to shop and enjoy local to support our businesses that make our island vibrant and interesting.

Here are a few awesome places to stay and eat!

Volcano Tree House

Bucket List Item: Staying in a tree house in Volcano, HI. My friend Gail Armand owns this custom built home in the trees!

Fun Place to Dine: Lava Lava Beach Club

Amazing BBQ ribs and more to take to the beach! TJ’s BBQ at Alli Marketplace

Affordable elegance-private cottage for only $95 a night near Kailua Kona with $75 ohana unit nearby. 

Things to Do:

Top Five Beaches in West Hawaii- We didn’t know it then, but we created this video a week before the eruption! Blue skies!

New Kahalu’u Manowai beach access ancient sacred heiaus..and some would say a haunted area.

Discover the lava tube near Kona – If you don’t want to go to East Hawaii to wander through a lava tube..check this out..right off the highway!

See how the trail REALLY looks down to Pololu Valley and the fun you can enjoy down in the sacred valley with fantastic cliff views!

Closed as of this writing, Volcanoes National Park is a great thing to do, but we also cover some fun things to do on your way there including Punaluu Black Sand Beach. 

Map of Volcanoes National Park Kahuku Unit

But with the main park closed, they have diverted the public to the Volcanoes National Park, Kahuku Unit, which we enjoyed driving and walking through with our family. You can see on the map that there are many walking trails in this park, and one thing we enjoyed was seeing the topography of the 1868 lava flow on one side of the street and on the other, land that has not been covered in lava for 500 years. Great place for a picnic, too!

If you have input on where you would like us to take you next, let us know!  If we can help our local Big Island business people, we have succeeded in spreading our Aloha!

(We also have a YouTube channel for real estate called “Big Island Real Estate Minute” where we share the nuances and tips of buying real estate on the island! Contact Eric Ziemelis at for a direct connect to a Realtor and mortgage professional whom you can trust!


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