Real Estate Referrals for Hawaii island

My husband obtained his real estate license so we can start helping people by connecting them to real estate professionals all over the island to help make their dream of buying a home in Hawaii a reality and LESS STRESSFUL!

I take the time to chat with you to see what you are looking for, your communication style and where on the island you are looking, and then can decide which agent I think you will connect with best who has the time and dedication to offer you the best service.

Yes, it works and it makes your life a WHOLE lot less stressful when trying to find someone you can trust in Hawaii! (and not just on Hawaii Island! I have connections on ALL the islands!)

To offer further assistance to folks seeking information about purchasing property, my husband and I created a YouTube channel, “Big Island Real Estate Minute.”   A sample of cool videos include:

-Using Condos As Vacation Rentals in Kailua Kona 

-Getting a Mortgage in Hawaii-Your First Step 

-How To Effectively Search Online for Homes in Hawaii 

I also created a new Facebook group called “365Kona’s I’m Moving to the Big Island and Buying A Home!”  where we offer informative blog posts, real estate market updates, videos, answer questions and create community for people wishing to purchase property on the Big Island.

Our referral real estate business does not cost potential buyers (or sellers) anything and since I have lived on the island for seven years and have built some fantastic relationships with local Realtors, mortgage brokers and service providers, I can definitely be a valuable resource to you.

Call me at 808-785-2898 or email at to get started! Mahalo!