Deals on Cool Things To Do, See and Eat in Hawaii

Kona Ocean Experience

KonaOceanXKona Ocean Experience is owned by my friend Bambi. She offers deluxe morning dolphin swim excursions, which are basically two exciting tours in one! The 4-hour adventure takes you out to find and swim with the wildDolphinSwim spinner dolphins. You will experience their energy and curiosity in interactions with humans. Following the dolphin swim, you will travel south to explore the sea caves along the Kona Coast, and go snorkeling in the calm waters of Kealakekua Bay Reserve, often called the best snorkeling spot in Hawaii, and only accessible by boat (or a very long hike). After exploring the colorful reef, you can relax aboard to enjoy a fruit platter, other snacks and green tea, while learning about the historic and cultural background of this region. They also do shorter 2 1/2 hour whale watching tours to Kealakekua Bay and she also offers sunset and manta dives. Call her directly at 808-250-4553.  If you book a tour, please mention 365 Kona or JulieZ ! Book directly at  

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Discounts on Hawaiian Specialty Foods

HCCReviseadHawaii Coffee Connection is a purveyor of locally sourced, and oftentimes, organic Hawaiian specialty foods. By using the coupon code “365HCC” you can get 20% off of ANYTHING on the website! Kona coffee, passion fruit products, spices/sauces, and more! By using this coupon code, you are letting them know “365Kona sent us!” Mahalo!PassionFruitBasketforVday