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Dolphin Whisperers Hawaii 

Wild dolphin and sealife day charters in
Kona, West Hawaii.

We are a boutique charter company catering to adventure seekers desiring those life changing close encounters. Our unrivaled pure waters have abundant pods of friendly Spinner Dolphin, Spotted and Bottlenose, Pilot Whales, seasonal Humpback Whales and so much more.

Skilled staff offer an educative & safe environment for the first time snorkeler while providing ample edge for the seasoned.

Check out the Facebook page for photos and more info:

Call Jan Salerno 619.309.5236. Jan offers group trip discounts if you have six people on your charter. She also offers kama’aina discounts, too! Let her know that 365Kona sent you!

 Discounts on Hawaiian Specialty Foods

HCCReviseadHawaii Coffee Connection is a purveyor of locally sourced, and oftentimes, organic Hawaiian specialty foods. By using the coupon code “365HCC” you can get 20% off of ANYTHING on the website! Kona coffee, passion fruit products, spices/sauces, and more! By using this coupon code, you are letting them know “365Kona sent us!” Mahalo!

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