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Beverly Hills Hair Design In Kailua Kona

Jonathan “Brett” Tennyson grew up on the Big Island on the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Farm. He graduated from the world-renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy and worked in Beverly Hills for over 10 years serving as a trusted stylist to numerous celebrities and elite clientele. He eventually came back to his roots and now has his own space in Kailua-Kona. Brett does an amazing job on not just my hair, but all my friends, too! Book your appointment with Brett today and say 365Kona sent you and get 20% off your first cut by calling 858-213-6865 or 

I had a chance to sit down with Brett for an interview-take a look!


Hawaiian Inspired Art

A new line of Hawaiian woodcut botanical pillows are artist Andrea Pro’s latest creation in her quest to encourage people to fall in love with the gorgeous flowers, ferns and trees that are native to this exquisite island.  Working with a fabric company and a Kona seamstress, Braylene Jones, Andrea turned her woodcut botanical designs into these unique colorful pillows that are transforming living spaces. “I’ve enjoyed taking fine art off the walls and onto sofa’s and beds in a way that is affordable and beautiful,” Andrea states. Enjoy shopping for pillows on her art site special discount pricing of only $80 each and $215 for a full set. To receive the special discount, please email Andrea to order at

Andrea is also offering a set of a 5 greeting card pack when you buy 2 or more pillows.



Looking to entice visitors looking for fun things to do in West Hawaii?

Contact me today about offering a deal/discount and get some new fans! Julie at Ziemelis dot com.

Personal Recommendations For Professionals In Kailua Kona:

Real EstateLance OwensLUVA Real Estate,-Lance helped us short sale our in-laws condo when the market turned and they could no longer afford to hold onto their investment property in Kona. Lance is a short sale expert, but is also VERY knowledgeable about a wide range of properties. I have personally referred him to three of my friends and they had a great experience with him. He and I are some of the most tech savvy people on the island and I love his sense of humor. After the sale of my in-law’s property, we became friends and share an enjoyment of adventures on the island and real estate. He is one of the most authentic people I know and we have enjoyed working with him on our real estate referral business. Tell him Julie sent you! 😉

Personal TrainerAimee Zettel, The Club in Kona-Aimee kicks our butts. Clean and simple. She is our personal TRX trainer and a bigger dynamo in a 5’2″ body, you will never meet. She teaches MANY of the classes at the Club, as well as provides personal training services. She is about my age and I ask her what she eats for breakfast all the time. (she points to the supplements they sell at the Club!) She knows when and how to push both my husband and I through our personal pain points. I get comments all the time on my abs and arms and doing TRX once a week with Aimee has helped me get into the best shape of my life. (Living in Kona, you find you are in bathing suits and shorts all the time, so getting into and staying in shape is a key to happiness here!)

Dolphin Whisperers Hawaii

My good friend Jan Salerno leads tours of any size out into the waters of West Hawaii. She is fantastic with people who may be swimming or snorkeling for the first time and want to feel comfortable in the ocean. She also leads whale watching tours of which I have had the pleasure to take my 365Kona ohana out on!

Jan owns a boutique charter company catering to adventure seekers desiring those life changing close encounters. Jan frequently helps her guests encounter friendly Spinner Dolphin, Spotted and Bottlenose, Pilot Whales, seasonal Humpback Whales and so much more.

Skilled staff offer an educative & safe environment for the first time snorkeler while providing ample edge for the seasoned.

Check out the Facebook page for photos and more info:

Call Jan Salerno 619.309.5236. Jan offers group trip discounts if you have six people on your charter. She also offers kama’aina discounts, too! Let her know that 365Kona sent you!